January2022 - Present day - Angelpeak Photography by Tony Meikle Photographer Alnwick Northumberland UK

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January2022 - Present day

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Various photo happenings and a few thoughts along the way.

Jubilee window
Jubilee Beacon
Spring has now given way to early summer. Covid lockdowns are hopefully now history, but, the country has now been taken over by the No.10 Boris Birthday party bash. Despite all the problems in the World, the media have promoted the No.10 party issue to the top of the news.

There has been some light and welcome relief from all the political goings-on in the form of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Beacons were lit all over the Country on June 2nd and the long holiday weekend taken up with street parties up and down the land and massive spectacular parades in London.
The Cheviot Hills
Above:The Cheviot Hills from Thrunton Woods, Northumberland.

Just when it appears that Spring is firmly established and the bulbs are flowering in a climate dominated by a stable anti-cyclone - then, on the first day of April, winter returns, with a cold Arctic blast and new growth goes on hold.

Although Covid regulations have all come to an end, in England anyway; the disease has not gone away and infections are currently increasing. The severity of those infections however is much lower and we are now “living with Covid”.

The feared crisis in Eastern Europe has come to a head and the Ukraine is now embroiled in a very messy war with Russia. Where it will all end, nobody knows.

So-called sterilised seed compost can often prove quite interesting. A sowing of tomato seeds produced not only seedling tomatoes, but also a very interesting crop of tiny Fairies Bonnet fungi!

Photos above and to left: Iphone XR: photo below Lumix LX100.

Fairy Inkcap
January afternoon
Wind blown

We are now into the New Year and the third week of January. It appears now that Covid is beginning to wane and there is a glimmer of hope for a more normal world returning; but whether it will ever be the same again remains to be seen; I personally doubt it. The political climate in the UK has become chaotic and the storm clouds of war are also beginning to gather over Eastern Europe and the Middle and Far East and I think tumultuous times lie ahead.

So far, the month of January has been quite pleasant; anticyclones have dominated, leading to cool bright days, with little wind and rain, or snow. Trips into the surrounding countryside are dominated by the damage resulting from Storm Arwen last November. There is a lot of work to be done with many acres of damaged trees and forestry plantations. As a retired forester, it is sad to see the level of destruction, especially to mature broadleaf trees such as Oak and Ash, which will take many years to grow back.

Photos: Top, January afternoon above Beanley, Northumberland. Camera, Lumix LX100.
Left: Windblown Oak and a sturdy coniferous survivor. Camera, Lumix LX100.
Below: Devastation amongst a Scots Pine plantation at Beanley. Camera, Nikon D800. 50mm f1.7 prime lens.
Wind blow
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